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Nov 18, 2012 5:00am EST
this morning for a summit to shore up relations with america's allies. first sitting american president to be there. here's that story. >> president obama went to asia on his first trip since re-election. he will meet opposition later and fellow nobel lauer yat ki. still, he can't skip political turmoil at home and the looming crisis in the middle east. >> we're one step short of an all out ground operation in ga sa. >> israel's deadly attacks with hamas, the president is trying to make peace with congressional republicans at home. they have until december 31st to compromise on tax cuts and spending or risk taking the nation over the fiscal cliff that could imperil the economy. meanwhile susan right and her statements about the deadly consulate attack make her unfit to serve as secretary of state. hearings on the attack by david petraeus out of seclusion. he wasn't talking about the sex scandal that's still sending shock waves throughout the capital. for the president arch post election trip but no vacation after a busy week brian moore wbal tv 11 news. >>> cease fire efforts appear to
Nov 11, 2012 5:00am EST
people. >> no coincidence the film opens the week america's 21st century president won re-election. difficult times frauth with partisan pickering. times many would ask, what would lincoln do? >> in lun con he was eager to unify the country dealing with a congress that had acrimonious factions. he had the genius to get everyone to work together. >> the yund may have come a long way from four score an seven years ago, but lincoln is still teaching its children. >> i think abraham lincoln is good because he was a big part of freedom and what this country is today. >> he didn't like slavery. i like his top hat. >> a big man, yes, with a big hat, who still casts a long shadow over the nation he fought so hard to unite. kevin tibbles, nbc news, springfield, illinois. >> another movie coming out has more than 1500 fans setting up outside the staples center. they are waiting on the last premiere of the twilight series. it doesn't open until november 16th but these fans registered online for a chance to spend the weekend at the temporary tent city. fans from as far away as england
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2